The Zest?

The Zest?

The Zest is my unofficial newsletter covering all of the latest Tangerine Dream news, as well as looking back at the band’s formative years. All editions (including back issues) are now available as 10-25 page PDFs. The latest issues are text only and therefore should be compatible with most handheld devices. If you’d like your name added to the mailing list then please leave me a message, either here or as an email to ZestAndy6304(AT) (replacing AT with @) with ZEST as the title (blank emails only, no correspondence please. You’ll receive all PDFs via a different email address, so check your spam folder). Currently there are 204 people on the mailing list, with 147 members on the ZEST facebook site.

All copyright’s remain the property of Edgar W. Froese & Eastgate Music & Arts.


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